Equity Trust trading system

Integrating equity registration, trust, trading, clearing and other preferred stocks and convertible bonds business

Integrated service system

Online services of all business cycle for enterprises, members, shareholders, investors and rest stakeholder

Asset trading system

Provide all business cycle services for various of assets including registration, listing, intent collection, issue and subscription and transactions and clearing

Asset management system

Provide basic asset screening and asset pool management services includes asset pool statistics, cutting, structure design, duration management and other

Intellectual Property System

Provide "one-stop" services for patents, copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights including application, confirmation, etc.

Intellectual property trading system

Provide the whole-process services of intellectual property

Intellectual property operation system

Establish intellectual property data centers and think tanks and commercialize intellectual property

Environmental Energy System

Provide carbon emission rights, energy use rights, pollution emission rights, and water use rights trading

Registration system

Provide whole process recording and tracking management services

Emissions Trading System

Provide whole process business trading services

Greenhouse gas emission Reporting system

Provide online greenhouse gas quantification and statistical analysis operating services

Consultation Service

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