Data Collection

Collect various types of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data through different tools

RETL Data Exchange Platform

Extract, clean, and process data from dispersed heterogeneous data sources and organize data into data warehouses or data marts to provide integrated data services including data migration, data standardization, data synchronization, and data exchange for enterprises

KGRP General Report Tool

Provide unified data service including centralized data collection, storage, management and Reporting for large groups, securities companies, enterprises and other institutions

Data Processing

Establish the top-down data governance system for corporate data assets upgrade

DBMP Data Creation Platform

Provide the full-link intelligent data construction and application platform; Establish the unified, standards, service-oriented and self-optimization intelligent data system

Data Application

Promote the innovation and upgrades of data application products and services by combining the AI, big data, RPA, operations research and other core technology

Magic BI Data Analysis Platform

Provide lightweight self-service BI tool platform based on big data analysis

Consultation Service

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