Environmental Rights Market

Registration System

To provide statutory confirmation, registration, settlement, and cancellation services for carbon emission quotas for various environmental rights market entities, achieving online registration system for the full process of quota allocation, clearance, and compliance.

Carbon Emission Rights Trading System

To promote global greenhouse gas emissions reduction and actively respond to the country's 'dual carbon' goals, we have launched a carbon emission rights trading system that conforms to market-oriented trading mechanisms. This system caters to various trading modes, including pricing point selection, agreement transfer, bulk trading, electronic bidding, and supports transactions in multiple currencies. It also facilitates financial innovation businesses such as carbon inclusiveness, carbon bonds, carbon funds, carbon collateral, and carbon mortgages, etc.

Environmental Data Reporting System

A leading online operational system for quantification, reporting, verification, submission, regulation, and statistical analysis of environmental equity indicators. It quantifies and reports the emission status of environmental equity indicators, enabling analysis and management of emissions of environmental equity indicators for businesses, industries, and urban areas.

Green Finance Intelligent Service Platform

A comprehensive Green Finance Service Platform developed to better respond to the country's climate change strategy objectives. It includes intelligent identification of green categories, corporate carbon accounts, carbon accounting, environmental information disclosure, green financial investment and financing services, and comprehensive service systems for green rating of financial institutions.

Commodity Spot Market

Commodity Spot Comprehensive Service Platform

To effectively serve the real economy and meet the trading needs of commodity spot markets and the entire industry supply chain, BayConnect has launched an intelligent commodity spot comprehensive service platform that integrates multiple modules such as spot trading, warehousing management, and IoT applications. The platform supports various trading modes including listing, bidding, pre-sale, group purchasing, and price negotiation. It also focuses on the core business transformation and upgrading needs of the bulk commodity industry, empowering relevant industries with digital tools and enhancing the overall industry competitiveness.

Supply Chain Finance

Built on the foundation of actual trade scenarios, integrated supply chain finance services encompassing production, supply, and sales. Efficiently integrating the flow of funds into the supply chain management process, it flexibly covers financing scenarios such as accounts receivable, credit, and bills. Simultaneously, it dynamically monitors the flow of supply chain business, data, and funds. Leveraging big data, it offers real-time risk alerts and business decision support.

Digital Commodity Asset Management

Utilizing blockchain technology to generate electronic warehouse receipts, enhancing the security and authority of standardized digital assets. Achieving distributed data storage, tamper resistance, and traceability. Integrating IoT and sensor technology, incorporating RFID applications to enhance intelligent recognition capabilities in warehousing, ensuring comprehensive security of stored goods, improving convenience, and reducing the risk of manual operations.

Regional Equity Market

Equity Registration, Custody, and Trading System

As early as 2012, BayConnect launched the first national equity registration, custody, and trading system, laying a solid foundation for enhancing the credibility of regional equity markets in terms of equity registration and custody, facilitating equity financing functions, and effectively connecting custodian enterprises with the capital market. BayConnect actively participated in the formulation of information technology standards for the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ), providing valuable insights for the development of China's multi-tiered capital market.

Regional Equity Comprehensive Service Platform

1Establishing an open service system that fully meets the personalized applications and services of market participants, gradually constructing an ecosystem with regional stock exchanges at its core.

2Bringing certain existing counter business functions to the online platform, enabling market participants such as enterprises, intermediary institutions, investors, regulatory bodies, and others to conduct business transactions online.

2Aligning with regulatory requirements to implement on-chain business processes. Utilizing blockchain for encrypted storage of custody-related data, solidifying process data to ensure tamper-proofing and traceability of the data.

Consultation Service

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