Central Regulatory Information Service Platform

The core regulatory tool of the financial securities industry including risk supervision and prediction with comprehensively collection of the raw data and post-processing data of each system in the CSRC regulatory system

Full coverage of securities, funds, and futures data

Efficient supervision data sharing

CSRC Regulatory Information Service Platform

Provide integrated regulatory solution for CSRC subordinate companies

Automatic business data collection of financial institutions

Timely data verification

Unified management and centralized monitoring of industry data

CSRC off-site inspection system

Access to the financial institutions system; Acquire original business data Investigate potential risks; Remote off-site supervision; Promote the overall risk control, compliance and IT governance improvement

After-event supervision becomes pre-event and in-event supervision

Passive management becomes active management

Regional Regulatory Information Service Platform

Private equity(PE) fund regulatory information service platform

Extensively collect PE industry data.Establish powerful PE data center.Discover potential risks for PE companies

Local Financial Regulatory Service Platform

Unified monitoring and management of emerging financial companies.New generation of local financial regulatory system.Based on business regulation and compliance management mechanism

Financial Holding Companies Regulatory Information Service Platform

Provide integrated supervision and data reporting services for large financial holding companies and groups

Integration of data collection and application

Real-time management of group departments and branch data

Consultation Service

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