On August 7, the “2015 OTC market innovation business seminar” sponsored by Shenzhen Jinzheng Co., Ltd. and co organized by CICC payment Co., Ltd. and Huawei Technology Co., Ltd., was held in Dali. More than 100 leaders and guests from more than 50 industry organizations, including the government, regulatory units, exchanges, trading centers, securities companies, futures companies and investment companies, attended the meeting.

Golden securities OTC market innovation business seminar held

Golden securities OTC market innovation business seminar held

As in the past, Wang Hui Ju, general manager of Shenzhen integrated Exchange Technology Co., Ltd., welcomed the speech. Mr. Wang said that Shenzhen Fusion Technology Co., Ltd. is an important responsibility for the two take-off of the gold certificates shares in the era of “Internet plus”. They will continue to closely connect their business partners with the idea of “service + interconnection”. Together, we should share risks, interests, help each other in the same boat and win-win cooperation.

The conference started around the “OTC market, Internet plus finance” and “the OTC market innovation and development in the Internet Era”. Many senior experts in the industry have carried out the supervision system and industry policy interpretation respectively, and carried out the “Internet plus innovation” practice sharing, clearing the train of thought for the OTC market innovation.

At the meeting, the SFC leader gave an important speech on the new practice of Inclusive Finance and non-standard finance. The gold certificate reported on the Internet plus comprehensive financial services, and Li Xue, President of Qilu equity trading center, published the role of regional equity trading market. China’s small and micro businesses’ financing innovation is the keynote speech of Mr. Wang Yabin, assistant general manager of Gansu equity trading center. The keynote speech of “Guangzhou dragon branch’s help to small and micro enterprises’ financing innovation” was made by the head of China Financial Certification Center, who spoke on Internet plus security risk prevention. The director of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. also gave a wonderful speech on the new application of cloud service in financial industry.

Shenzhen Ronghui Tongjin Technology Co., Ltd. for the first time released the “ronghuitong” interconnection platform for the OTC market, and held an on-site signing ceremony. It is understood that “ronghuitong” platform has been widely recognized and expected by customers since 2014. Gansu equity trading center, Qinghai equity trading center and Qilu equity trading center signed a contract with Shenzhen Ronghui Tongjin Technology Co., Ltd. as the first batch of customer representatives, and promised to carry out long-term business cooperation.

Innovation is the eternal driving force for the development of the industry, and I believe that this conference will certainly promote the innovation and development of the industry.